We’re Recruiting FE for Season ’19

Team Red Baron is recruiting students from First Year Engineering for the upcoming season of SAE BAJA.

The recruits get an opportunity to be a part of a team with a rich past and a glorious future. The recruitment tests will be conducted in the last week of September, after AutoPrecocity Season 2. AutoPrecocity is a two-day workshop conducted by Team Red Baron which focuses on imparting knowledge about automobile fundamentals.

The recruitment will be conducted in three phases: Aptitude Test, followed by Technical Interview and lastly Faculty Interview.

The selected candidates will be trained for various domains that exist in the team before being assigned a primary one next year. This will give them a head-start over other students in the field of applied engineering.

The prerequisites for the aptitude test are 12th grade Physics, Mathematics, basic Graphics, Programming and Electronics.

Apart from technical knowledge, we are also looking out for students interested in Marketing. The candidates with good verbal skills/ considerable reach on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook will be preferred.

Please fill the form given below.
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For any queries contact
Akshay Deshmukh +91 8087538482
Mandar Kadam +91 7875172127
Pratik Hule +91 9975072737

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